My name is Ray Peoples. I am currently a stay at home dad with our new son, Graham. This is a diary of everything crazy, amusing, and just plain fun that happens to us in the course of a day. My lovely wife that is so lovely works as a Literacy Interventionist (aka a teacher…she had to intevene just so I could spell that) at Barling and Euper Lane elementary. She is my sugar momma, raking in the millions that educators get paid…haha yeah right…but seriously!!



  1. Ray this is great! My shifts at the fire station is 24 on 48 off so I to stay home with the kids three or four days a week. I can relate to a lot if what you say. Have a great time with this and enjoy being a stay at home Dad.

  2. Ray, I love your blog! I know, I know… I’m a “diaper bag mommy” until I go back to work in January and Lucas takes over on the days I’m at the office, but I still love the stories and pics! 🙂

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