Posted by: Ray Peoples | March 12, 2010

Sleep Crawling…

So we have a new thing… a new thing that Graham has discovered. Well, maybe not discovered because we don’t think he knows he is actually doing it. But he has started in the middle of the night and during the day flipping over on his belly. Now I know that people roll around and move during the night in fact my wife lets me know that I move around quite often. But this is different because what he does is when he is rolled over he is propped up on his arms and his eyes are closed. Like he is asleep, he is out but he has no idea that he is doing this. And then in a sheer panick he wakes up and realizes where on earth am I, what has happened to me, why am I in this position??? And then bring on the screams and crying. It has happened twice this past week during the night and once during the day. Maybe he is getting so close to crawling that he is beginning to have dreams about it.

And getting close to crawling he is …..he has gotten the scoot down pat. He can scoot any direction you wanna scoot, he is a scoot -a- toot! He has also figured out that he can push himself forward with his toes and so he lurches towards things in that manner occasionally too. He pulls on blankets and the carpet as well. Yep, my daily life is totally about to change….

…The other day we went to Lowes to get a new garage door opener. This was our first trek out since we have done away with the bucket style car seat and moved into the “bigboy” car seat. Well I wasn’t quite sure how Graham was going to respond to the little seat on the cart. At first he fought it and did his new thing where he arches his back and starts squirming to avoid having to get in it at all cost. But then once his legs slipped through and he saw he was going to get to sit up he was a happy boy. He proudly rode around in that cart quietly checking out everything in that store. I wish I could hear what was going through his mind as we rolled down the aisles because he would look up and down the big racks and then check out the other side and look those up and down, it had to be truly fascinating.

And then there was the lady, yep that one lady who has to come from all the way down at the other end of the aisle and come “check him out”. Now, if i know you that’s one thing, by all means come speak to us and say hey….but if I don’t have a clue who you are and you don’t know me please don’t put your hands on my kids cheek and tell him how cute he is…you can do that from afar….you can do that without touching my kid. Step back lady, my kid might have bad dreams about you while he is sleep crawling….Thanks!

talk to ya soon




  1. love your neighbor Ray- even the ones you don’t know. 🙂 Did you take him to the garden center? See if he has the family green thumb

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