Posted by: Ray Peoples | March 5, 2010

Ear infections are no fun….

So I haven’t been able to post because I have not been able to put our boy down for longer than oh twenty seconds. Hard to write a post in twenty seconds. Graham was acting nothing like himself on Wednesday…actually it all started in the wee hours of the night on Tuesday with no sleep for him or us. He has recently been teething so we were thinking, well maybe another one is coming in…but after battling it all night and then pretty much the whole next day, we folded and called up the doc. Abbi decided to take a personal day because Graham pretty much slept like twenty minutes the whole night, therefore meaning that we only slept for about that long all night.

On our first call to the doctor, the receptionist told us that they were full and didn’t have anything for a day or two, but that she would pass the information along to the nurse. Well, thank goodness the nurse called us back and said she could squeeze us in if we got there as soon as possible….let frantic running around the house commence….we scooted that way and i dropped Abbi off at the door and went to find somewhere to park. They were not kidding about being full…at least from a parking lot stand point…there was nooooo where to park. So I went back to the house parked in the driveway and walked back. After circling the parking lot several times and almost getting hit by a lady on a cell phone a spot finally opened up. I then hustled inside to find Abbi and one other lady with a child to be the only people in the office…Where are all the owners of all the vehicles outside?  Anyway, Graham has gotten to the point that he doesn’t like anything stuck in his ears or mouth kinda like a tongue depresser and the ear scope thingy (I know it has a fancy name but I don’t remember what it is) …let frantic screaming while being pinned sown commence now….conclusion….the start of an ear wax collection and an ear infection…

We have now been giving him his medicine….well trying to give him his medicine….he has also discovered how to buzz his lips..soooo medicine goes in, he buzzes and medicine comes right back out….all over the place…good times!!!! We have created the designated “medicine burp cloth” because it is slowly turning from white to Amoxicillian pink in an attempt to keep some of his meds in his mouth.

mndyxjgngxgf ggfntnydnmsyhgxn ghstrnncghmc x mmmm  mmmm hxnbvnbhjmmc xx

hjmhnh—–So Graham just typed that…he thought that would be nice to share    ./;/’ ha got close again…Alright well he is awake so end of my story i guess…just pray he can get back to himself.

see ya soon




  1. give him his meds and blow in his face and he will swallow…that was the ONLY way i got meds down Zach when he was a baby!!

  2. With ALL of our boys, a sleepless night was a guaranteed ear infection. Was this his first? Lucky you!

  3. We used an empty bottle nipple. it works for a while. He sucks down the meds and has swallowed before he realizes what he took.

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