Posted by: Ray Peoples | March 1, 2010

He is gonna be a baller…..

Ah! Who knows what he will be… But, this weekend we brought out a gift we received at a shower that is a basketball goal and two little basketballs. Now, this is no ordinary basketball goal…this basketball goal has a breakaway rim that when you “dunk” it this little crowd appears in the backboard and you hear cheering noises. In addition, on the backboard is a swirly, twirly basketball player on a spring that you can spin around and “whack”. Also, it has two rattly spinny things at the top that “keep score”. OOOOO YEAH!!! Now the funny thing about this is that he can sit in front of it and he has no interest in the basketballs themselves, but more so the backboard and the different events that are on it. Another cool thing about this basketball goal is that the goal will actually go up two more heights so it grows with him…i would have to say he can keep it as long as he wants because while he is playing with everything on the backboard I am trying to shoot around him….

Another cool toy we got is this little giraffe, or at least I think that is what it is suppose to be, that you can put a ball in it head or two arms and then they roll out the feet. Well again, forget that there are balls that come with this great toy Graham just looks to take out the giraffe anyway possible. Today the giraffe got the best of him and actually “came” after him instead of him pushing it over. Yes, the giraffe attacked my son…OK, OK , the giraffe attacked him because he pulled him over on himself…but he hasn’t looked at the giraffe the same since.



  1. Funny once they start playing with the toys “right” they are normally too “old” for the toys. We have toys we have had since Emma was born and now that she is nearly 7 she knows “how” to play with them and mostly she plays with them how she wants not how you are “supposed” to play with them!!! So go little Graham…Have fun YOUR way!!! 😉

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