Posted by: Ray Peoples | February 26, 2010

Fail….Epic Fail…

So the month of February…yes the the whole month, I have failed at putting up a blog post for you all. Wow!!!! So, sorry to loyal followers who check daily and find to their disappointment that nothing AGAIN has been written….BUT…I have a resolution for March..O Yes, a resolution, forget needing one for the new year, I apparently need one for every month (and only the third month at that)….better blogging.

In this month of non-existence a lot has happened. Graham is now six months old! Developing quite the personality I must say. He may look like his mother but I think he is going to act like his father. He is 90% getting the sitting up on his own thing, with the occasional face plant as he is reaching for something or trying to search something out in the room. As he searches, for like a sound that is being made in the room, it is like he becomes so focused on finding that sound he forgets he is sitting and plop…there he goes to one side or the other. He is so close to wanting to crawl. He is beginning to scoot around on his belly but hadn’t quite got his legs up underneath him to make the final push to crawling freedom. Abbi and I have caught ourselves sitting on the couch looking around the room, pointing out things that will have to go to higher ground once he starts his movement.

At his six month appointment, he weighed in at 17.13. He is eating bottles really well, in fact he will hold the bottle for you now, which is nice because it frees up a hand to change channels on the TV when The View comes on (see an earlier post about that)  during the second meal of the day. We have started him on some solid stuff, but his little tongue just doesn’t want anything to do with helping us get food in him. As soon as it goes in, his little tongue pushes it right back out where it came from. I am like “Son, you have got to learn to eat, you can’t suck out of a bottle the rest of your life.” I can see him take a sack lunch in elementary school and pull out a bottle and start sucking on it. “What’s that?” a friend will ask…”O this…this is lunch man, don’t you know everything is better out of a bottle” Graham will reply. “Forget those crazy spoons and solid foods…that’s too much work.”

Also, He has two teeth coming in on his lower gum line. So that has been a few days of screaming and pain. Tylenol and these little teething tablets have been our best friends over the past couple days. I have also recently been following him around with a mop to clean up all the slobber he has been producing. It is amazing to me how he doesn’t dehydrate, I would need so much to drink after basically leaking fluid out of my mouth for a full day. Soft bibs have also become an ally in the fight against drool. Going through three or four outfits a day was getting pretty brutal. The washing machine even threatened to start charging us over time…that’s how bad it got…

On a different note…Abbi had her 26th Birthday yesterday!!! I think that is what inspired me triggered me to remember the blog and the lack of blogging that has actually happened over the past month. We were talking about what we did last year on her birthday and the years before that and we couldn’t quite remember some of them. But if we had written down those moments on say…a blog or something like that, the wonderful world wide web would have held those memories tightly for us to go back and check out. So, to myself when I am reading this in 2050…we went to eat with friends at Chilis while MiMi (my mom) kept Graham. I got Abbi a photo album of Graham pictures and two cans of Febreeze. If you have read any of the stories with the tag “‘Involves Poo” then you know why Febreeze is such a great gift in our household.

Well, I feel as though this is more a recap of a multitude of  things over the past month than really the sharing of any great stories. But, that is going to change, because I have got to get back into archiving shape. Savoring and recording moments of our lives as they pass. And guess what….you get to come along for the ride.  Thanks for the support and thanks for continuing to stop by day after day even though I have failed you as a blogger. A new month is just around the corner and so I hope that I can truly live up to my March blogging resolution.

Talk to ya soon…. Ray



  1. You’re back…….I’ve missed the blogging!! He is so precious!!!!

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