Posted by: Ray Peoples | February 3, 2010

Long Time…No Post…

Alright, here I am again… asking for forgiveness for a total lack of posts. Life goes fast when you are having fun and before you know it you have gone weeks without posting anything on your blog. The last couple weeks seem like a blur but, nothing all that exciting has really happened.

Graham has been sick the past 5 or 6 days so…that has been fun. He has a little cough and all kinds of congestion. What is funny is how he coughs…he sticks out his little tongue and just kinda gives out this sad little “ack…ack..” It reminds me of Zoolander when he is telling his dad he has the black lung. Also, his congestion has led to a large amount of drool, (plus we think he is teething) so we are going through about 5 bibs a day trying to keep as many outfits as dry as possible. I have also resorted to wearing bibs in an attempt to not have change my clothes three of four times a day.

He has been rolling over for a while now. But, he has recently began to get better at it. So, now the beginning of nap time is spent with him rolling over and then getting “stuck” in the up position. Which leads to him crying because he doesn’t know how to roll back over. It has become a daily battle between the two of us. In addition to rolling over in bed he has also figured out what button turns on and off his rainforest noise maker. So he can occasionally be caught spending the first part of his nap time just trying to reach the button. (which i think lends to the rolling over) It is comical to watch because he will hit it, but maybe just not quite hard enough so he looks at it like “that should have worked, whats up?” Then if we are watching, he looks at us like “Well…YOU turn it on.” We are his slaves…it’s true…

He recently has also become very clingy. He HAS to be in our arms…he doesn’t like his bouncy seat…he doesn’t like his swing…he doesn’t like his exersaucer (which has resulted in less injuries) …he likes arms…OUR arms. He has been quite the workout though…holding 17.5 pounds for 3/4 of the day will truly sculpt the arms…like I have said before, a baby workout video may be in the works.

Your own little weight set…He helped put those pounds use him to take ’em off…

Talk to ya soon..Ray          soon I promise…




  1. It is hard to keep up with posting when dealing with the little guys

  2. Ray, I love the posts you put up!! I can just see you and Graham as you go about your day….cleaning….changing….feeding….not necessarily in that order!! Keep it up, I love it!!!

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