Posted by: Ray Peoples | January 19, 2010

So I went away on a jet plane…

Ok not really…but i have been MIA for the past week so I apologize to faithful readers everywhere… we worked hard last week getting ready for the Bridal Fest for the photography biz and it seemed every waking moment was dedicated to that or to Graham.

So last week a lot happened but at the same time things stayed the same. Graham is still having issues with constipation which has its pros and cons…Pros include not as many diapers bought, changed and disposed of. Therefore, the diaper genie does not get filled up as quickly, therefore reducing the amount of times it has to be taken out. (though this is still a weekly thing…don’t get me wrong) Cons include monster poos, the occasional “my tummy hurts” breakdown, and monster poos…therefore leading to two baths in a day, therefore, leading to more clothes needing changed, therefore, leading to more clothes needing to be washed….

But this past week he looks as though he has been to war. He has had many a run in, with many an item this week. It all started with a battle royal with his exersaucer. He was happily playing along when he stabbed himself in the eye with this “rattle on a stick” we will call it. Well that led to a total melt down that was luckly quickly remedied with getting him out and soothing him for a minute or two.

I then put him back into the exersaucer and turned him to where his back was to the “rattle on a stick” and he could play in another area. He starts playing with this castle that has a little rattle wheel in it that spins. Next thing I know his hand slips off of the wheel and he face plants right into the castle part…initiate crying sequence now….so needless to say we didn’t play in the exersaucer  very much after that.

The next wound is totally my fault. My Dad has always said procrastination will get you in trouble…well procrastinating to cut your sons finger nails can get you in trouble…or more so his face in trouble…soooo while he was sleeping he apparently clawed his face several times and now looks like he was rolling around with a cat in the back yard…. My apologies son…

Then, at some point during the week he must have smacked his head with a toy, like he did me a few weeks ago. Because he gained this little bruise just above his left eye on his forehead…so if you see us in public don’t go calling DHS on us because he did it to himself…

WELL…OK, we could have helped the situation a little….but I bet this is only the beginning of a boy picking up scratches and bruises.


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