Posted by: Ray Peoples | January 8, 2010

Love me boy…love me..

So I think over the past couple few days Graham is trying to run me off. Not that he doesn’t love me or anything like that but just he maybe wants a new babysitter. Perhaps he just is getting tired of just hanging out with me during the day since we haven’t gotten to go any where because of the weather. The events of this morning, coupled with yesterdays poo tradgedy I think any average man would fold or become extremly sick and give in. But, not this dad, buddy we are hanging tough.

Now for the sake of most of you who have endured the grossness of the past couple post, today’s post will be broken up into two parts. The funny event first and then the gross event (complete with a picture). So if you are tired of reading about spit up and poo you can skip that part and just read the first event.

Like I said before, i think Graham is trying to run me off or perhaps he has begun his “I am tougher than Dad, I can take him” mentality that sons get towards their fathers. I always “thought” that I could take my Dad, but the truth is there is some celestial law that says a father can never be taken down by a son. Now you can beat him in golf of basketball…sure…but when it comes down to sneak attacks or pouncing on your father to take him down, it just never seems to happen.Now, not that Graham is by any means “pouncing” on me at this point but he has been trying to attack me.       Now the second story, happened first this morning, so just remeber that as you read the developments

Story 1

This morning I was laying down with him on the floor playing. We were laying next to each other and both on our backs. I had this plastic camera that lights  up on the front and was holding it up above us (thanks floyds). He was giggling away and really enjoying it, reaching up trying to grab it. So, I handed it down to him and let him hold it. At first he had it with both hands and then he swings it with his right hand directly toward my face (he is now into “slinging” things) POP…the camera catches me right above the eye. Nice shot son…thanks a bunch.

 Story 2

I had just gotten done feeding him his morning bottle. He seemed to take it fine and swallowed it down quickly just like he usually does. I then put him up on my shoulder to burp him since he was finished. This is always a little sketchy because you never know if the burp will be in a solid, liquid, or gas state once it passes out of his mouth. Building on earlier experiences I have now learned to slighty lean him out away from me while going through the burping process. Today leaving him on the shoulder may have been the better option, seeing how he choose the liquid state for his post meal internal departure today. At least the burp cloth may have soaked up some of it instead of my shirt and pants taking the brunt of it. As you can see illustrated in the picture below, I am guessing that 90% of what he had just consumed made its way back onto my shirt. If you have seen Four Christmases, it was alot like the burp up scene in that movie…yeah straight out of hollywood, it was that good.

I still love the boy more than he will ever know, and these incidents just teach me how to prepare for the future. Like when Graham gets older and begins slinging things around… step back and protect yourself at all cost. Also, when he looks a little funny after eating…step back and protect yourself at all cost. 

Going back to yesterday…(I enjoyed your comments…thanks so much, keep em’ coming)  Abbi had a great laugh about all that happened yesterday.The awesome thing for me was that when Abbi came home for lunch she got to see the quanity and consistency of poo that I got to deal with in yesterdays mishap. Though it wasn’t all the way up his back, it was identical to what I dealt with. Her only advantage was the poo was contained to the normal “poo catching area”  (more like spilling out of the normal area) in the diaper. Yeah she didn’t think it was quite as funny after changing that one…

So below are photos of me and the spit-up and then further down is a “this is how big Graham is getting” photo. The top one was taken on Sept. 12th and the bottom one just a few days ago…yikes…growing like a weed!



  1. I notice the slippers are missing in photo two. Poor baby.

  2. Your son will cherrish all of these stories when he grows up. I love reading them everytime you write one. You are an AWESOME DAD!!!!!!!!

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