Posted by: Ray Peoples | November 18, 2009

Daytime TV…we need to talk…

Ok, I will admit this week I have watched more Daytime TV than any other time in my tenure here at home. With Kris Allen’s release of his CD and the whole Twilight release, and a few of my favorite TV people being on some of the shows I have been watching too much some TV. But, I have to say I have noticed some patterns in the world of daytime. First off the same people are on Live with Regis and Kelly and the View each day. I guess they just walk down stairs change and then it seems, they answer the same questions they were just asked. With Kris Allen it has been interesting to see the difference in his now third performance of the week,  he tries to mix it up but, his new song doesn’t quite allow it.

Now, don’t think that I am enjoying the daytime TV, and when I say daytime TV I don’t mean soaps, I am talking more like early morning shows …GMA…LIVE w/ Regis and Kelly…The shoot me in the head View…I can’t catch you up on your latest Young and the Restless Gossip. With that being said, Daytime TV is not made for men at all. Here at the house we have the free antenna ,so we have the option of about six channels and let me tell you there is not a lot to choose from for me.

So, this is how I watch TV in the mornings if I do at all…

Usually catch GMA which is always great, I have no problems here. I think me and Chris Como (sp?) would hang out if we lived in the same town and knew each other. He just seems like that type guy. Sam is a little high on his horse, but he could for sure beat up DR. OZ. Robin Roberts …love her, hey cut me some slack I’m a SAHD. Plus she has got a great story. By the time Graham and I get everything in order for the day we are typically to the musical guest or the cooking part of the show, so that is a great way to start the day.

Then comes Live w/ Regis and Kelly. If things are going well, Graham and I are usually playing in the floor by this time. (since we run on his schedule not mine, right?) So, as Regis and Kelly ramble on through their opening stuff I usually zone out into play time with Graham. I do watch the give away and sadly three times this week if they would have called me, Abbi and I would have been going on a free trip. Then I watched the guest and on to more playing with Graham

Then the View comes on. Wow! Wear me out….This is like Sportscenters evil twin sister or something. Estrogen sky high…Look out world here comes Whoopi and the ladies. At this point Graham is getting pretty fussy, (not sure if it is the show or cause he is tired…or maybe he is tired of the show..who knows)so I mute the show or turn it off depending on if anyone I want to see is on. If no one of interest is on that ends the TV day right there, no need to advance any further. But, if someone is on…all “issues” are muted and I wait till the guest comes on. What I find funny is when they (Elisabeth whats her foot) carry the conversation on into the interview with the guest. The guest is then thrown off …like… “this question wasn’t on my pre-interview question sheet. What are you doing to me?” You threw in a political question and now I have to answer it. Just Great!!!!…Great…not so much…

So, There is my confession…But, praise the Lord for Sportscenter online  so I can raise this child in front of real, quality TV…after GMA is over of course…



  1. I’d rather watch the 76th showing of the previous night’s SportsCenter than go within 2 channels of The View.

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